पत्याउनु हुन्छ ?यी हुन् कोरियामा ६ करोड लगानीमा २ दर्जन युवालाई रोजगारी दिने यिनै हुन नेपाली चेली, यस्तो छ उनको जीवन संघर्ष(भिडियो)

  • -लालिगुराश सम्बाद दाता
  • शुक्र, मंसिर २९, २०७४

    We usually talk about women empowerment but do we really implement on real world? No very few because of our conservative thought and Divide and Rule technique. We make various social divisions since birth. We forget that first thing he/she is human being who is free in nature who is free to do whatever he/she likes. Here is a perfect example of Successful Nepali woman She is one of those people who dears to go against wrong belief of society. she came from middle class family but after continue hard labor he become one of the successful person in Nepal. Nowdays she is a successful businesswoman in South korea. watch this video to know details.

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