के थियो र त्यस्तो खस ?जस कारण यी महिलाको कुकुरकै कारण भएन बिबाह ?हेर्नुहोस रह्सस्य

  • -लालिगुराश सम्बाद दाता
  • शुक्र, मंसिर २२, २०७४

    7th December, Dog is one faithful animal that showers unconditional love on humans. Some understand this and have soft corner for them, while some don’t even bother about these kind-hearted and loving creatures. In fact, studies have shown that dogs connect with their owners just like the way babies do with their parents. A single tear in your eye, your dog will be there by your side just to make you happy. For once, humans might not care about whatever good you do for them. But every minute spend with your pet makes them love you even more. Watch this video to know details.

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