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  • शनि, अशोज १३, २०७५

    29th Sep: Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s latest Instagram post has been making headlines. The actress, who was traveling from Sydney to Melbourne, was allegedly mistreated, due to her skin color. This isn’t the first time that people have reported incidents of racism towards Indians in Australia. Shilpa says she faced misbehavior from the ground staff when she was checking in at the Sydney airport. Apparently, a lady named Mel, at the check-in counter demanded that Shilpa’s “half-empty” duffel bag was oversized, and couldn’t be checked in. Shilpa also said that Mel was unnecessarily rude and curt.

    She sent her to another counter, for oversized baggage. Shilpa went to the other counter, and the person at the desk politely told her it wasn’t oversized and to return to the first counter. Mel again refused and was adamant. As Shilpa was running short of time, she had to go to the oversized bag counter and check it in.

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