दोष मेरो कि बुढाको छिराउदा सार्है दुख्छ !फेरी बुढाको सानो छ

  • -लालिगुराश सम्बाद दाता
  • आइत, माघ २८, २०७४

    दोष मेरो कि बुढाको छिराउदा सार्है दुख्छ !फेरी बुढाको सानो छ
    Health care services in Nepal are provided by both the public and private sector and fare poorly by international standards. Disease prevalence is higher in Nepal than it is in other South Asian countries, especially in rural areas. Moreover, the country’s topographical and sociological diversification helps to promote periodic epidemics of infectious diseases, epizootics and natural hazards like floods, forest fires, landslides and earthquakes. Millions of people are at risk of infection and thousands die every year due to communicable diseases, malnutrition and other health-related events which particularly affect the poor living in rural areas. However, some improvements in health care have been made, most notably significant progress in maternal-child health. For example, Nepal’s Human Development Index (HDI) was 0.458 in 2011[1] up from 0.291 in 1975.[2][3] Other improvements include:[4]

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